“A Common Sense Approach
to Compliance”

Compliance On-Call

Are you trying to be both the President/CEO AND the CCO?  Feeling pulled in many directions?  Would you like to get advice, bounce ideas off someone, or learn how other firms have handled the challenge you are experiencing?

SIGN UP FOR OUR Compliance ON-CALL® service.

Pick up the phone and call us whenever you need to.  If you get voicemail (and you rarely will), we commit to you that we will provide a first response by noon the next business day.

For only $299 per month.  We are at your beck and call……24 x 7.  Even weekends, if needed.  All we ask is for a minimum six-month up-front commitment from you.

Advertising review is also provided, but no more than 4 pages per month.  For extra pages, additional fees apply.